Live Painting Photos

The Big What collaborative Mural

Mountain Music Festival spotlight

The Maple Festival -2017

Mountain Music 2016

Rootwire 16' Quixotic set

Pex Fest 15

working on Greener Grass

Mountain Music Fest 15

Working on Greener Grass - beginning stage

Kinnection Campout 15

SOS painting

Big Papa's Spring Ball 15

Leslie Caneda and I

Big Papa's Spring Ball 15

Bryan Bailey and I collaborating

Big Papa's Spring Ball 15

Leslie Caneda and I collaborating

Pasture Palooza 15

Evil Elite collaboration

August J.PhotographyVisionary Art Fair 2013Can't wait to finish

Dualism - Started at Freeform Arts, finished at The Mad Tea Party Jam

The Big What!?

Working on the collaborative painting "Once Upon a Time" at the Big What festival 2014. Early am photo credit to August J. Photography

Just us chickens


Visionary Art Fair, Atlanta 2013

Facebook - Untitled

in progress..

The Big What 13

Starting "The Big" paintings

Blackstock 2

Love life on painters row..

Blackstock 14'

Body Painted at Blackstock, standing in the art gallery before my own work.

Facebook - Thank you Mantrabash and Roger Gupta for another wonderful weekend, T

Farm Fest 2014

Celestial Festival painting in the beginnings


Painting donated to Pinky's Farm, Pink Moon 2013

Facebook - Untitled

Pink Moon Festival 13

Painting the Choku Rei at Pinky's Farm

Facebook - Untitled

Facebook - The BIG What? Festival 
Photo Credit: Roger Gupta

RoosterWalk 2014

Photo credit to Roger Gupta of Appalachian Jamwich Magazine