Hi! My name is Ashton Hill and I am the creator of all things Kettle Head Art.  As an artist and space maker, I extend my creative self to the people for entertainment, for intrinsic thought, for your soul to be touched. You can find me creating art and atmosphere everywhere from the studio to the festival, from the fine art gallery to the local music venue. It is my goal to bring a consciousness of creation to all I encounter. Along the way I vend my craft, interact with the public, and expose my heart and soul through every painting. Find out more by browsing my site! Enjoy!

Kettle Headed Updates

What, you might ask, does Kettle Head even mean?
According to the top definition of a very reliable source (urban dictionary)


a "kettle head" is:


A beacon of spectacular brilliance, inspiring love and hope, in an otherwise seemingly cold and dark world. Has the ability to illuminate your perspective and enhance your imagination.


(i.e) What a gloriously wonderful kettle head!




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