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About The Artist

Ashton Hill is the creator of visionary artworks she affectionately calls "fairytale surrealism" under her pseudonym Kettle Head Art, as well as the co-founder of the Pigment Sanctuary Art collective. As an artist, director, and event coordinator, she has made her mark on the East Coast creative scene for a decade. Chasing knowledge from university education to master mentorship, from individual studies to collaborative practices, Ashton has followed her artistic passion into all the spaces that the muses have led. Influencing social change and community improvement have also been part of her purpose, and has exhibited itself in her involvement with outreach and gallery coordination. As director of the Pigment Sanctuary at events such as Mountain Music Festival in the New River Gorge, West Virginia, she has bolstered a community of artists that spans the East Coast. Ashton is currently studying under the tutelage of Master painter Philip Rubinov-Jacobson in the long lineage of mischtechnik, aiming towards apprenticeship. She majored in fine art, psychology and education in her college years and has expounded on her educational pursuits through a variety of self motivated experiences over the last decade.

With my basic artistic education starting early through my mother, most of my higher creative education has been self taught and hungrily sought.
As a student at both Liberty University and Blue Ridge Community College for a total of 6 years, I have acquired nearly 130 credited hours of higher education, ranging from phycology to education, though most focused in the Fine Arts. 
Since then, I've pursued experiences that grow my creative knowledge, such as studying technique under the guidance of esteemed painting masters, and collaborating generously with other fine artists. 
In the spring of 2019 and the Summer of 2021, I had the honor of studying with Professor Philip Rubinov Jacobson for an intensive mischtechnik program. 
As Founder of the Pigment Sanctuary, furthering my own and communities artistic knowledge continues! 


Discover the wide range of services offered through Kettle Head Art. From painting to illustration, graphic design to event coordination, Ashton Hill presents professional service to bring your artistic vision to life.

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Painter/Graphic Designer

Art is my passion, and I bring a lifetime of experience to every project as a Visual Artist. My landscape paintings and fairytale surrealism art are a reflection of my unique style, and I work well with clients to produce their desired outcome. Whether you're looking for something complex or simple, I'm dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Browse my portfolio and find your perfect piece today.



Need to add some color to your space? As a Muralist, I specialize in creating breathtaking murals that add vibrancy and life to your walls. My murals are unique to each of my clients and are designed to communicate their individual needs and desires across large spaces. Whether it's for a professional space or a home design project, I'm here to make your vision come to life. Contact me today!


Gallery/Event Coordination

When it comes to gallery coordination, hiring a skilled director can make all the difference. That's where I come in - offering my expertise as a seasoned gallery director and space designer. Through my use of the art of social environmental design, I create effective, impactful exhibitions that are unrivaled in quality. With over 8 years of experience, I'm confident in my ability to work closely with each of my clients to bring their unique visions to fruition, creating an unforgettable experience for art enthusiasts everywhere.

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