Kettle Head Art is the brainchild of my obsession with tea and my love for Art-making. Since 2009 I've dedicated more and more of my life to the process of creation, working with mediums from oil to acrylic, from plaster to clay. Since 2013 I've filled the majority of my time with painting and connecting artists to one another as a Gallery Director for multiple festivals and pop-up showcases.
As a Gallery Director, I work with events to provide opportunities for up and coming artists to be seen, as well as provide a unique experience and environment for my clients. 
As a Live Visual Artist, I provide entertainment and challenge the viewers to step out of their reality and into my surreal visions. Live painting as a performer has taken me all over the East Coast to galleries, festivals, weddings, classrooms, and more. 
As an Artisan, my studio is always busy with different projects, both for myself and my clients. During the summer I often run a traveling vending booth filled with artwork and reproductions of my creations as well.
As a Teacher, I offer private classes in subjects ranging from Acrylics to Imaginative Landscaping in Painting. 
As a Muralist, I have painted children's rooms, outdoor and indoor walls, decorative detailing and even the hallways of a 3 story Air BnB apartment building. No challenge is too large or too small. 


As a student at both Liberty University and Blue Ridge Community College for a total of 6 years, I have acquired nearly 130 credited hours of higher education, ranging from phycology to education, though most focused in the Fine Arts. 
Since then, I've pursued experiences that grow my creative knowledge, such as studying technique under the guidance of esteemed painting masters, and collaborating generously with other fine artists. 

In the spring of 2019 I had the honor of attending the "Old Masters, New Techniques" Seminar for visionary painters with Professor Philip Rubinov Jacobson for an intensive mischtechnik program. 
in Summer of 2021 I intend to attend another intensive seminar with this master to learn more in depth techniques with Oils.

Life may be your education is you're always hungry for knowledge and willing to see opportunity for growth in all things.


Art Director/Gallery Coordinator 

Mountain Music Festival - 2015-2020
Fahrenheit Flow Arts Festival - 2017-2019
Flashepoint -FAI- 2017
Flame Flow Arts Festival - 2018
Pasturepalooza - 2015-16, 2018-19
Yonderville - 2018-19

Exhibitions and Live Events 


Big Something Live Stream Halloween Special -

Ovation Sound - Winston Salem, NC - acting, filming, costume, make up and Live Painting - Oct 21 and 30th

Big Something "Escape the Living Room" 5-9 Live Stream Series -  ( Episode 7 - )  

Live Painting and Musical online event - Ovation Sound - Winston Salem, NC  - Sept 20- Oct 9

Kettle Head Exhibition - Featured Gallery - Kreggers at Hand - RVA - January 2020

The Highland Maple Festival - Vendor - March 2015-2020

Collective District Gallery - Live Event - Baltimore, MD - April 2019

The Camel - Featured Gallery - Richmond, VA - March 2018

Ashton's Appalachian Art Show - Featured Gallery - Monterey, VA - Feb 2018

Decemberween -Live Event - PLF -  Richmond, VA - Jan 2015-18

Carnival of 5 Fires - First Friday event - PLF - Richmond, VA - Oct 2015-17

Visual Art Journalist - Oregon Solar Eclipse Event -

- Big Summit Prairie, OR - 2017

Winner of the Masterpiece of the Year Award at the Crystal Chalice Awards in Cumberland, MD 2017

It's a Fucking Art Show - Gallery Event - Long Island NY - May 2015

2nd Annual Young Adults Art - Gallery Event - Monterey, July 2015

The Camel - Featured Gallery - Richmond, Va - February 2015

Artful Dodger - Featured Gallery - Harrisonburg, VA - June 2014

3 Notch Brewing Company - Featured Gallery - Harrisonburg, VA - May 2014

Guerilla Gallery Coordinator - Live Event - Harrisonburg, Va - 2012 and 2014

Live Painting - Polish Ambassador 4 day tour - November 2014

Area 51 presents Alex and Allyson Grey: 2 day tour October 17th - 18th 2014

Area 51 Presents Alex and Allyson Grey: 3 Day tour December 12th-14th 2013

Appalachian Jamwich Featured Artist - Magazine Feature - October 2013

Blue Nile - Featured Gallery - Harrisonburg, VA - March 2013

Mission Trip, Art Teacher, Myanmar Oct 2012 

Highland Public Library featured exhibit, Monterey, VA 2009

Governors School of Studio Arts Installation exhibit, Richmond, VA, July 2007

Event Gallery/Live Painting Experience


Mountain Music Festival - Ace Resort, WV - June

Yonderville - Marvin's Mountain Top, WV - July

Fahrenheit Fire and Flow Arts Festival - Elkins, WV - August

The Big What!? - Shakori Hills, NC - August
Pasturepalooza - Berryville, VA - September
Into the Woods - Charleston, SC - October


Flame Festival, La Fayette, GA - April
Kinnection Campout - Spirit Crossing, TN - May
Mountain Music Festival - Ace Resort, WV - June

Fahrenheit Fire and Flow Arts Festival - Schullykill, PA - June
Yonderville - Rixeyville, VA - July
Pasturepalooza - Berryville, VA - July

The Big What!? - Shakori Hills, NC - August
Valley Fusion Festival - Capon Bridge, WV - September



Rooster Walk - Martinsville, VA - May
Sleepy Creek Spring Dig - Berkley Springs, WV - May
Mountain Music Festival - Ace Resort, WV - June

Fahrenheit Fire and Flow Arts Festival - Schullykill, PA - June

The Mad Tea Party Jam - Artemas, PA - June
Yonderville - Rixeyville, VA - June
Pasturepalooza - Berryville, VA - June
Oregon Solar Eclipse - Big Summit Prairie, Oregon - August

Mind Field Music and Arts Festival - Bunker Hill, WV - September

Mountain Run Jam - Sedalia, VA - September
Flashepoint 2017 - Stuart, VA - October


Flame Fest - Georgia - April

Tipper and Friends - Full Moon Gathering - Suwannee Music Park, Fl - April

Fahrenheit Fire and Flow Arts Festival, Schullykill Farm - PA - June

Mountain Music Festival - Ace Resort, WV - June

The Mad Tea Party Jam - Artemas, PA - June

Artscape - Baltimore, MD - July

The Big What!? - Mebane, NC - July

PEX Summer Festival - Camp Ramblewood - July

Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival - July
Go Outside Festival - Roanoke VA - October


Hoopla in the Hills, Pataskala, OH - April 

Big Poppa's Spring Ball, Low Bridge Campground, VA -April 

Kinnection Campout, The Deerfields, NC - May

Ignite - Spirithaven Farm, Stuart, Va - May

Mountain Music Festival, Ace Resort, Minden Wv - June

The Mad Tea Party Jam 4, Hedgesville Wv - June

The Big What!?  Mebane, NC - June

PEX Summer Fest - Camp Ramblewood, MD - July

FarmFest -New Jersey - July

PasturePalooza - Virginia - July

The Werk Out - Ohio - August
Camp Barefoot - West Virginia - August
Mantrabash - North Carolina - September

Creatures of the Night - Kentucky - October


Big Poppa's Spring Ball, Low Bridge Campground, VA - April

Blossoms Blooming Music Festival, Sharpsburg, MD - May

Rooster Walk 6, Martinsville, VA - May

Blackstock Music Festival, Blackstock, SC - May

Freeform Arts Festival, Pottsville, PA - June

Mad Tea Party Jam, Hedgesville, WV - June

The Big What!??? Mebane, NC - June

Pasturepalooza 5, Berryville, VA - July

Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival, Terra Alta, WV - July

F.A.R.M. Fest, Vernon, NJ, -July

2nd Annual Blue Grass Valley Music Festival, Blue Grass, VA - August

Camp Barefoot, Bartow WV, August

Mantrabash Music and Arts Festival, Ferguson, NC - August

Pink Moon Festival 6, Rock Camp, WV - September

Watermelon Park Festival, Berryville, Va - September


The Big What? Festival, Possum Holler, NC. 

Gratifly Music and Art’s Festival, Lake Hartwell, SC. 

Front Porch Festival, Stuart, VA. 

Mantrabash Festival, Ferguson, NC. 

Camp Barefoot 7, Bartow, WV. 

Pink Moon Festival, Rock Camp, WV.

Hulaween 2013, Suwannee Music Park, FL. 


 I was born in the spring, among the rolling mountains and gentle streams. I was raised in ancient valleys with the forest of trees as my friends. If I fell, their leaves caught me and if I climbed, their branches would lift me. My home was one of creative energy and strong moral standing. In this world, I grew headstrong and certain of myself, though naive to the crudeness of humanity. Homeschooled far away from the bustle of our social system, my mind flourished with fairytale imaginings and unrealistic expectations, as did my artwork. The years passed and I journeyed into the darkness of the world. My rose glasses finally shattered. Today I find myself carving the beauty of death and decomposition into every painting while still clinging to my faith and hope, still dreaming of pure air and sweet grasses.