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Breath - The Name of Creation

This painting is a representation of nature of Creation being from a simple breath. The Tetragrammaton has been incredibly important to me since learning that these four Hebrew symbols were presented as the first physical name of God according to the Cabala and other Hebrew text. The only way to pronounce this sound is breath. From that first breath the world was born and split into the 3 initial elements of Light, Dark and the Primordial (spiritual) waters (fludd). I correspond those 3 elements with the 3 cosmic ages as theorized by Joachim Fiore.

The bottom circle is symbolic of the cosmic age of the Father – The time of Law, of darkness, or separation. This is shown in the Old Testament.

The middle circle represents the cosmic age of the Son – The era of the walled church, of faith in the word and the separation of “Waters from waters” (genesis 1:6) which is believed to be the separation of Man’s realm from the Empyreum (heavenly realm/God)
In the middle circle, laid upon the rib walls of our lungs (breath organs) is the holy name of God, for his name is breath and each breath is worship. 

The top circle is symbolic of the cosmic age of the Holy Spirit – The End of the walled church, the time of Jubilation and Freedom of the human soul to be connected intimately with the spirit of God, as one. 

This age of consciousness is to be called the Awakening, and it is may already be upon us.

Within this top circle of Light/Divine Consciousness/Holy Spirit, I’ve incorporated the Kundalini Energy rising through the Throat Chakra (symbolized by intertwined snakes). The Throat Chakra is known to give voice to our human spirit, to nuture creativity and self expression. This chakra is said to be discovered when we find God’s Tongue is our own, allowing divine breath (the Tetragrammaton) to personify in our own voices. The consequence is words flowing from us that uplift, are filled with wisdom and are clearly communicated. Also on the Throat Chakra is the Sephiroth – the divine plan of creation and the ten names of God. This symbol is powerful in that it is also derived from the Tetragrammaton.
The Cosmic/philosophical egg as the crown of the Sephiroth is representative of enlightenment and universal understanding of the infinite and finite simultaneously. And Finally, the Ouroboros to confirm that creation is and always will be an endless cycle.
all references and further information listed below


  • It’s all in the Name
    The Tetragrammaton – the unpronounceable divine name of God -according to the Cabala.
    “From the great Tetragrammaton flows the ten Epithets of God – These are the attributes of God, corresponding with the Sephiroth
    according to the Hebrews, it’s sound is the sound of breath.
    JHVH – Jehova, concentrates within itself all of the elemental strength and power from which creation arose” –Sephardi Bible
    All things arise from these for letters. – According to Fludd (p.73) From the Tetragrammaton, 3 Hebrew letters called “the Mothers” arose also – Alef:Air, Mem:Water, Esh:Fire.
    “When the secret of secrets wished to reveal himself, he began to produce a point of light. Before that point of light broke through… the infinite (en soph) was entirely hidden and radiated no light.” (Zohar) p 94


  • 3’s

    • 3 Cosmic Ages – Joachim Fiore -12th century – pg. 75
      This is a Millenarian theory
      based on the trinity, Joachim believed that cosmic time was divided into 3 epochs

      • Age of the Father (bottom) : Age of the Old Testament, formed on the Law of fear of God

      • Age of the Son (middle) When Man became the son of God, Age of the Church and faith in the Word

      • Age of the Holy Spirit (top) Time of Jubilation and of Freedom. New intuitive and symbolic understanding of the Scripture… END of the walled church.
        “impending, ushered in by an Angel with a sword, when mankind was to come in direct contact with God, reaching the total freedom preached by the Christian message. The Kingdom of the Holy Spirit, a new dispensation of universal love… “
        He believed that “a new religious "order" of spiritual men will arise, thus making the present hierarchy of the Church almost unnecessary.”
        pg. 72 -

    • 3 Mothers – air, water, fire – arose from the first breath/name/tetragrammaton

    •  3 primary elements of creation - Robert Fludd -  pg.94

From the Prima Materia, or the Dark Chaos came the Light, Dark, Spiritual Waters.
Out of the waters came the 4 Aristotelian Elements rose, and ordered themselves according to density and purity, from the outside, in : Earth, Water, Air, Fire

  • Dark –The Age of the Father – (Mother Air) - The birth of Creation – Nether – “Without Form and Void, and Darkness ruled over the face of the Deep, and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters” G1:2
    Symbolized in my painting by a child in the womb, by the process of birth, by darkness. “And God saw that the light was good. And God separated the light from the darkness.” G1:4


  • Spiritual Waters – The Age of the Son – (Mother water) - The physical and elemental existence of life “And God said, “Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.” G1:6
    Symbolized in my painting by a whirlpool, by caged lungs breathing/worshipping.. “Age of the walled church” – characterized by a faith in the holy word.


  • Light –(Mother Fire)– The Age of the Holy Ghost – The awakening – end of the walled church – closest man would come to understanding God - Quintessence/Aether,

    • The Throat Chakra – the first chakra to function outside time and beyond understanding. The bottom seven have visual effectiveness. “The throat chakra is the first of the higher chakras, associated with the faculty of higher discrimination, creativity, and self-expression.” Known as the purification center, the Vishuddha chakra gives voice to our spirit. We have discovered how God’s Tongue is our own. “The challenge of the Vishudda is to learn how to express ourselves in the most truthful manner. When this chakra is clear we gain the ability to allow the Divine Breath to activate our vocal organs. Our speech becomes uplifting and wise and we can communicate clearly our intent. We are able to transform negative experiences into wisdom.”

      • Associated with Mercury, Thyroid,
        ( |


  • Kundalini – Cosmic Energy – “Primal energy, Coiled one”
    Represents the balance of Male and Female Energy, symbol of Rebirth, Renewal, Planet Mercury, Would wake the dead and send the dying into peaceful infinity - this image is called the Caduceus “carried in the left hand of Mercury” Mercury was the messanger of God, Guide of the Dead.. Also carried by Hermes

  • Dove of Creation –often represents the Holy Spirit or “Spirit of God/Dove of Creation/Holy Ghost” in my painting the dove provides the wings of the Caduceus –

  • Sephiroth – This symbol is layed over the Kundalini in my painting. The Sephiroth Tree in the Cabala represents the 10 names/attributes of God/the infinite. In relation to the 4 worlds, the Sephiroth corresponds to the Divine-Light world(aziluth) p.93 and p.262
    The Sephiroth also came from the Tetragrammaton

  • Philosophical/cosmic Egg
    Philosophical egg can also be called the philosophers stone and has been mythicized to believe prolong life/improve any substance it contacts. Symbolizes enlightenment,
    Einstein theorized that the finite universe is enclosed like an egg, which is also a early belief in sankrit history
    Also known as the golden egg which broke in half to create Heaven and Earth

  • The Eye

  • The Serpent – Ouroboros - It also represents the infinite cycle of nature's endless creation and destruction, life and death and despair – (wiki)
    by Fire. Symbol of eternal unity in all things.

    Painting and research completed January 23rd 2017

    Also -



Alchemy and Mysticism by Alexander Roob
Holy Bible

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